Holiday in Sunny Beach

In the last few years, Sunny beach has become very attractive resort for the Europe’s youth.
Young people from Bulgaria and all over the world are coming to that place because of the endless parties and cheap alcohol. That’s why many people are questioning themselves if it is appropriate to go on a holiday in Sunny beach and bring their kids? The answer is easy – yes, this is a kids-friendly resort. The only thing that is important in a like – this situation is to choose the right family hotel.

The biggest advantage of this resort is the unbeatable combo of mountain and sea. This combination results as an unique climate which excludes unbearable heats, thanks to the cool breeze that caress the shore almost all the time. The coast is long and turns into half-circle, behind which all the hotels are built. Many of the people are having a holiday in Sunny beach because of its flat-bottomed wonderful beach that can not bring bad surprises for swimmers. This is the perfect beach for the children because they can go into the water without any worries that they can run on to hidden bumps.

Not much ago, the British “Sun” described the resort as a place for endless drunk-parties and naked young people with an indecent attitude. This is true, but the thing “Sun” didn’t mention is that the parties are made by and involving only adults (18 years and older) and are running in to clubs and bars. Outside of them (the clubs) there’s a special security that takes care if anyone is being cynical or is acting indecent, especially if in front of children. It is normal for many families to plan a holiday in Sunny beach, because of the amenities they are offered. The hotels have professional entertaining staff that makes fun games and parties for children.

While the kids are having fun, their parents can “steal” some time for their own, making the holiday more pleasant and special. Kids attractions in the resort are that many, that the children wouldn’t be able to see all of them for just one holiday in Sunny beach. At this place people can get everything they want – sports facilities, SPAs, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafeterias and beach restaurants that always have the freshest fish you can get. The big advantage is that all of this is in one place and you can have fun and enjoy yourself without baulking others to do the same.

In the last few years much more attention is spent about taking care of the tourists health. It is a fact that after the prohibition for food being sold directly on the beaches, the cases of gastrointestinal diseases have been decreased. After several mass poisonings in restaurants and hotels in all over the country, the owners are now paying much more attention about the food quality. This is why the parents shouldn’t be worrying about taking their children on a holiday in Sunny beach, in a reputable family hotel with great service quality.

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